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We currently produce four references that are very well received by the brewing public and also by the neophyte. Their production is permanent and their recipe is unchanged for the time being, because that is what the consumer wants.

Separate mention for the "non-alcoholic" family. We began with a Pale Ale and continued with an IPA, the Celestial Sin, awarded in the Innova category of the Valencia Community Craftsmanship Awards 2020. We continue with more styles. Our aim is that drinking beer, regardless of which one you choose, will always be a pleasure.

We complete these references with the Unplugged elaborations of our master brewer, Cristina Sáez (**), who can create a different one every month in our facilities, thanks to the potential of her ingenuity. As she is an "author", her production is limited and unique.

(**)Cristina Sáez is Certified Brewmaster by the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei de Berlin (VLB), the Berlin Institute for Brewery Research and Education.

Cerveza con alcohol
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