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valencian craft beer

We currently produce four references that are very well received by the brewing public and also by the neophyte. Their production is permanent and their recipe is unchanged for the time being, because that is what the consumer wants.

Separate mention for the "non-alcoholic" family. We began with a Pale Ale and continued with an IPA, the Celestial Sin, awarded in the Innova category of the Valencia Community Craftsmanship Awards 2020. We continue with more styles. Our aim is that drinking beer, regardless of which one you choose, will always be a pleasure.

We complete these references with the Unplugged elaborations of our master brewer, Cristina Sáez (**), who can create a different one every month in our facilities, thanks to the potential of her ingenuity. As she is an "author", her production is limited and unique.

(**)Cristina Sáez is Certified Brewmaster by the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei de Berlin (VLB), the Berlin Institute for Brewery Research and Education.

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John Lee Blues
Logo John Lee Blues

Style: Strong Ale

IBU: 38

Alcohol: 6.4º



It has a complex aroma where the spicy character and reminiscences of pears and oranges stand out.


Low bitterness. Medium body, with a generous carbonation with a smooth mouthfeel with an evident warmth from alcohol where caramel flavors predominate.


Perfect to combine with sausages and spicy cold cuts, blue and cured cheeses and dishes with intense flavor sauces.



Best Country Winner at the World Beer Awards in London in 2018.

Bronze in the Barcelona Beer Challenge of 2019.

Blonde's Pop
Logo Blonde's Pop

Style: Special Bitter

IBU: 25



Earthy with a slightly sweet malt character. Subtle presence of yeast on the nose. 



Sweet malt flavour at first with a slightly dry finish. Despite its alcohol content, the alcohol is barely noticeable in the mouth.



Ideal for tasting with fatty cheeses, tasty dishes accompanied by spicy sauces. 



Bronze and Dublin Craft Beer Cup and 2013.

Hoppy Flower
Logo Hoppy Flower

Style: Doble IPA

IBU: 60

Alcohol: 7,5º


A beer with a predominantly citrus, floral and tropical aroma from Citra and Mosaic hops.



The intense and complex hop flavor accompanied by a well-balanced medium-high bitterness from the malts characterizes it as IPA.



Pairs with smoked meats, lamb and chicken. The fried foods and very fatty cheeses accompany it perfectly.



Best Double IPA at the World Beer Awards in London in 2018

Sir Beercious
Logo Sir Beercious

Style: IPA

IBU: 40

Alcohol: 5,5º


It stands out for its fruity citrus and floral aroma from Cascade and Mosaic hops. It has a pleasant, moderate bitterness that prevails over the malt flavour.



It transmits a bitter sensation in the mouth, with a medium body in which the hops used stand out.



It goes well with grilled meats, hamburgers and goes especially well with artichokes.



Bronze at the Barcelona Beer Challenge in 2016. 
Bronze at the 2016 Dublin Craft Beer Cup. 
Best IPA at the World Beer Awards in London in 2019.

Gold Medal at the Concours International de Lyon in 2021.

Silver medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021.

Our master brewer, Cristina Sáez, explains in this short video what are the references we make in B&B, and their main characteristics.

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