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Las Cervezas del Mercado by BWK hosted yesterday Tuesday, June 1st, the media presentation of "Celestial SIN", our new range of non-alcoholic craft beers. Five taps of our five styles of beer without alcohol: IPA, Helles, Brown Ale, Pastry Stout and Hoppy Lager. The event attendees tasted and repeated. The comment they said the most and we liked to hear the most: they don't look like non-alcoholic beers!

What a great starting point. We would like to thank all our colleagues from the press, Instagram, blogs and beer lovers in general for coming and Bierwinkel for joining us to present the Celestial SIN range, all gluten free, with 66 kcal per can/bottle and less than 0.5% Alc. Vol.

During the opening remarks, David Frá, CEO of Brew and Spirits, commented on the commitment to the non-alcoholic craft line: "We saw the consumer's constant concern for health and decided to get ahead of the curve. In fact, the global growth forecast for the non-alcoholic beer market is 7% and the global non-alcoholic beer industry will account for 5% of the market share in the next five years.

Christian Jardel, CEO of Bierwinkel, said: "The brewing of non-alcoholic craft beer in our country was an unfinished business. Until very recently, we couldn't find quality non-alcoholic craft beers. Now, we are in the midst of change and evolution and we believe that we have to support those who succeed because they will capture a good part of the market, as there is a great demand".

The truth is that, to date, we are the only Spanish craft brewery to offer five different styles of non-alcoholic beers. But, as Cristina Sáez, Lead Brewer and Product Manager of Brew and Spirits, pointed out at the event: "These five styles of Celestial SIN were the first, but not the last. We will brew more.

Note to the reader: The photos you see are by Eva Ripoll. Let's give her credit. @evaripoll on Instagram.

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