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Irene Dorado-García, Anabel Navas, Carmen Navarro, Silvia @birreravalenciana y Cristina Sáez.

Yesterday we presented Iniquity, our collaborative beer made with Pink Boots Society Spain, and we did it on the terrace of Bierwinkel Experience in Valencia, the first pink beer garden in Spain. This space has been created by the designers of SINMAS, following a transgressive idea of Cristian Jardel, CEO of the Spanish-Belgian distributor Bierwinkel, who thought of creating an unusual terrace for the very brewers and trusted two Valencian interior designers, Sigfrido Serra and Mateo Climent, to design it.

"What I asked myself was why all beer gardens had to be the same and I thought that creativity should not be limited and that we could break stereotypes", explains Jardel, who adds: "So I decided on a different model for beer lovers and non-beer lovers to enjoy, in a relaxed and well-cared-for environment".

In this careful environment we unveiled Iniquity, a west coast ipa named after Lauryn Hill and her MTV unplugged in New York in July 2001. The beer has been brewed within the framework of Collaboration Brew and a percentage of its sales will go to the Pink Boots association to sponsor training scholarships for women brewers.

For Cristina Sáez, Lead Brewer and Product Manager of Brew and Spirits and member of Pink Boots Society Spain, "brewing this West Coast Ipa together with other brewers has been a luxury, as always, and the result is a very good craft beer. It is made with a blend of hops chosen by fellow members of the association in the USA, and part of the profits obtained from the purchase of these hops for its production go back to the society". The excellent reception of Iniquity by the public attending the event encourages us to continue promoting this line of craft beers. In fact, all the kegs we have brewed were sold on the same day.

Iniquity is the first of a series of five limited edition beers, which are born under the name "Unplugged". David Frá, CEO of Brew and Spirits, explains that this range of Unplugged beers "responds to the creative freedom of our master brewer, and with it we pay tribute to great music groups that have performed live acoustic shows on MTV. In addition, each of these bands belongs to the place of origin of the chosen beer style. Thus, the West Coast IPA named Iniquity in honour of Lauryn Hill is followed by: Domino, a New England IPA in honour of Kiss; Lullabay, the Double IPA in honour of The Cure; Lifelines, a Raspberry Sour Ale in honour of A-ha; and the Pastry Stout "Ode to the Stout", in praise of The Cranberries.

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