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Trends for 2021

Recently, we have discovered the new trends for 2021 and to our surprise it turns out that we are not only following them, but also pioneering some of them.

1. Brewing subscriptions

While beer subscriptions are nothing new, they are expected to increase significantly by 2021. For us brewers, the fact that consumers are never without their favourite beer at home is a shared pleasure.

In our online shop you can find a wide range of subscriptions with our entire range of beers and packs.

2. SOUR brewing style

Sour beers have become a much sought after style. Their fruity taste has earned them a place on the menu of many pubs, restaurants and bars.

The reasons for the success of this style is the diversity in their characteristics as they can be smooth and light, or full-bodied and fruity, which allows them to satisfy many palates that are not necessarily beer lovers.

We will soon be launching Lifelines, our limited edition Sour from the Unplugged range inspired by A-ha and the eighties. It will have an alcohol content of 6.5º, a pink colour and a very low bitterness. It will be perfect with fruit salads, ceviches, cured, blue and fatty cheeses.

3. Non-alcoholic or low ABV beers

As we have already mentioned in previous posts, the consumption of non-alcoholic beer has increased in recent years, and even 100% alcohol-free bars have been created.

More and more breweries are launching our non-alcoholic or low-calorie beers; we are the first brewery in Spain with 5 non-alcoholic beers, with our Celestial SIN range consisting of an IPA (winner of 3 awards), Helles (winner of 1 award), Brown Ale, Hoppy Lager and a Pastry Stout. With a graduation of 0.5% Alc. Vol., Gluten Free and 66 kcal.

4. Online beer shops

Given the situation experienced by Covid-19, both shops and brewers have had to reinvent themselves so that our customers have access to their favourite beers. We have seen cases such as the "Online Bar", where people related to the beer sector came to have a beer and engage in conversations about the sector.

Thanks to these online sales platforms, many brewery businesses have been able to sustain themselves and, of course, it will continue to be an important point for many breweries today, as long as they work very well on digital marketing due to the high level of competition.

The virtues of selling online are many, from knowing the profile of your public, to knowing which beers are most popular within your portfolio, which areas of the world know you or opening markets in other places.

5. Bottle conditioning

Given the pandemic situation, the shortage of cans and CO2 is immense, which has led brewers to pay more attention to traditional carbonation methods such as bottle conditioning.

6. Hard Seltzer

There is a sixth trend that we have not overlooked: hard seltzer, a drink that is closely related to craft breweries because of the similarity of their processes and because of the origin of this drink, which was born in an American craft brewery. Market share growth is reaching speeds of 250%. Such is the success of this drink that large companies such as Coca-Cola, Heineken and Mahou, among many other groups, have set their sights on this product, which is expected to have a far from ephemeral presence. Some of them have already entered the national market.

Some time ago we launched our brand, RAD Seltzer, with three different varieties: Lemon & Mint, Orange & Strawberry and Red Fruits. The latter has won a bronze medal in the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021, the first edition in which the hard seltzer category was considered. It has 4.5% Alc. Vol., 33 Kcal, zero sugar and is Gluten Free.

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