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One gold went to Gloria in the American IPA category; the second went to Ode to the Stout in the Imperial Stout category. Both belong to the Unplugged Limited Edition series, developed over the course of 2021.

Gloria is brewed with JSendra rice, with Albufera DO, and is the Cold IPA with which we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our brewery; it was also our first collaborative beer, in this case with the Mexican brewery Hercules.

Ode To The Stout, at 8% Alc. Vol, has achieved near excellence with a score of 37 out of 40 for "overall quality". The overall score: 92 out of 100.

For Cristina Sáez, our Lead Brewer and Product Manager, winning these two gold medals has been "an enormous satisfaction, because with the Unplugged line we set out to be totally free in the preparation of the recipes, giving free rein to creativity regardless of what is or is not fashionable in the market. And these gambles are always a risk. But it's worked out well for us; our customers like them and now we've been rewarded by an international competition like the one in Lyon".

In this latest edition of the Lyon International Beer Competition, 2195 samples of craft and industrial beers from 51 countries were tasted, classified into 60 categories: High Fermentation Ale, Brown & Black Ale, Amber & Black Ale, Rousse Ale, Low Fermentation Lager, Stout/Porter, Wheat, Flavored Beer, Special Beer...

Their awards, according to the competition organisers, "attest to the quality of the product and the care with which it has been brewed. It is the guarantee that the competition jury considers it to be among the best in its category".

The jury is made up of international tasters from all fields: oenologists, sommeliers, restaurateurs, producers, wine merchants and enlightened wine lovers. A multitude of criteria are taken into account when choosing the winners, from a blind tasting to a score out of 100. The competition also takes into account the IBU (International Bitterness Unit) for certain categories tasted, as well as filtration.

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