Between punk and rock there was and is good music, and a whole philosophy of life. If you also have the attitude, this is your beer.

A curiosity? When Sid Vicious joined the Sex Pistols he didn't know how to play guitar. But his insanity fitted: he had "the attitude."

Style : IPA

IBU : 40

Alochol : 5.5º


It stands out for its fruity, citric and floral aroma from Cascade and Mosaic hops. It has a pleasant moderate bitterness that predominates over the malt flavor.


It conveys a bitter mouthfeel, with a medium body in which the hops used stand out.


It pairs with grilled meats, hamburgers and goes especially well with artichokes.


Bronze in the Barcelona Beer Challenge in 2016.

Bronze at the 2016 Dublin Craft Beer Cup.

Best IPA at the World Beer Awards in London in 2019.

Sir Beercious (Pack of 12)

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