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How to Write a Thesis Paper

A thesis paper, which is also referred to as a term paper or a report, is a document that serves to provide the reader with a great deal of information about a particular topic. As such, writing a thesis paper involves conducting an extensive amount of research on the topic from a variety of different resources.

Some of the resources that you might use when writing a thesis paper include newspapers, books, professional journals, magazines, Internet websites, the best essay writing service and personal interviews. In general, the more varied your resources, the better your final document will be. If writing a thesis paper for a class, you might be required to have a minimum number of certain sources. For example, you might be required to have at least five book sources but no more than three Internet sources.

Before you begin to conduct your research, however, you will need to determine the topic of your paper. With this information, you can better determine the types of sources you will need to use. As you conduct your research, you should begin to develop your thesis statement, which is the sentence that describes what the entire paper will be about.

Care must be taken when developing the thesis for a thesis paper. This is because the entire paper must be written in order to support the thesis that you have made. If the thesis is not one that can be supported or that is too broad or narrow to provide adequate support, the report will be sloppy and poorly written. Therefore, you want the thesis to be specific enough to narrow your focus while still remaining broad enough to be adequately researched and supported.

The first paragraph of your report should serve to grab the reader's attention in some way. There are many ways you can accomplish this, though asking a question or introducing an interesting fact are two methods you can use. In addition to grabbing the reader's attention, the introductory paragraph will also contain your thesis statement.

All of the paragraphs following the introductory paragraph, with the exception of the last paragraph, make up the body of the document. Each of these paragraphs will have a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement. All of the other sentences within that paragraph will serve to support the topic sentence, which means they also support the thesis.

After writing the body of your thesis paper, the final paragraph is the conclusion. In the conclusion, you will restate the thesis that you introduced in the first paragraph. You should take care to write the thesis statement in a different way, however, so your writing can remain interesting and exciting to the reader. In addition to restating the thesis, your conclusion should also summarize what was discussed in the body. You should also include information that will help to leave a lasting impression on the reader, though you should not introduce new information in the conclusion that was not already included in the body.

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